Wednesday 13th November     2019

President Sue Piner welcomed everyone to the Annual Meeting and Jerusalem was sung. Suzanne was thanked for the flowers, and Ann will do them in December. Deirdre thanked Marilyn for arranging the Lunch Bunch every month, and presented her with a beautiful bouquet and card.

Monica thanked everyone who had braved the dreadful weather and come to the
Snowdrop Trust coffee morning. Despite the low numbers they had raised 380-00 Pounds, and she thanked the helpers.

The Resolutions for next year have been announced, and the
South of England Show schedule is ready. We were delighted to see that Ben Cross, a local alstroemeria grower , had won the Grower of the Year award against International competition. Those of us who visited his glasshouses will remember how passionate he was about British flowers.

Gill reported on the Speaker's Interviewing day in September, which had been rather disappointing, with only 5 speakers, and 2 of them not very good! Gloria then gave the Delegates' Report on the
Centenary Annual Meeting of the West Sussex Federation, which again she found a little less inspiring than usual. The main speaker was a Rally Driver, who had lead a very exciting life, but was now an Inspirational Speaker and Coach.

The Bloom of the Month Cup was awarded to Marilyn, with Ann Wade coming second.

In the Business part of the meeting, Judy Wilson presented the Financial Statement and the Budget for next year. We had had a successful season of Catering, and the Book Sales, Raffle and Sales Table all did well. The Financial Statement was accepted, and Sue thanked Judy for all the hard work she did as Treasurer. After 19 years, she is looking for someone to take over!

Ann Holloway then gave the Committee Report, and as ever, we seem to have been busy. The outing to Watts Gallery was much enjoyed, despite the rain, and the tour of Barfoots the Growers was an eye opener. Who knew we grew so much sweet corn round here!

The East Manhood Group has now disbanded due to falling numbers.

Sue then gave the Presidents' Report. Sadly our numbers are falling, due to members moving or becoming ill.
We have been going for 91 years, and need new members to make it to 100 !

She thanked all the Committee, but especially Judy , Ann as Secretary, Marilyn as Vice-President and Vivien for her work as Catering Manager (and scone maker!) Judy then thanked Sue for her 3 years as President. As there were no new Nominations for Committee, the existing members were re-elected. Sue was also re-elected as President.

Members had brought photos of themselves when young, and we all tried to guess who was who, which was surprisingly hard, although some people havn't changed much!

The Bloom of the Month was Ann Wades' hellebore.

The Christmas Meeting will be on December 11th, and Clive and Sue Fennell will talk about 21st Century Christmas .

Gill Cook

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon Englands' mountains green ?
And was the Holy Lamb of God
On Englands' pleasant pastures seen ?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills ?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark Satanic mills ?

Bring me my bow of burning gold !
Bring me my arrows of desire !
Bring me my spear ! Oh clouds unfold !
Bring me my chariot of fire !

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem
In Englands' green and pleasant land.