Wednesday 14th November     2018

The President, Sue Piner, opened the meeting and introduced Karen Yates, who is Vice-Chairman of the West Sussex Federation Board of Trustees; she had brought along the Federation Exotic Craft Collection for members to examine.

A potential new member, who hopes to join the Institute in January 2019, was welcomed and Jerusalem was sung.

Sue announced who had been appointed to the Board of Trustees and thanked the members for voting. The short listed Resolutions that the WI are considering for next year were briefly outlined with the full detail being included in the next edition of WI Life magazine and members were encouraged to read this so that they can be fully informed when the resolutions are discussed and voted on at our meeting in January.

The South of England Show brochure had arrived and it was suggested members read this and enter competitions if they wished.

Next Zena Macdonald opened the topic of Group Meetings which have not been very well attended this year. She consulted the membership on how the meetings could be improved and whether they felt these were of interest. Other local groups are also being asked about this but overall Sidlesham felt that group meetings should continue for another year, at least, to see if there was any improvement in numbers. Interesting contributions included the idea that rather than having a speaker for these meetings the knowledge and talents of members could be used to provide practical sessions on flower arranging, Christmas cracker making etc.

The Christmas Lunch at the Walnut Tree was discussed and the WI Centenary mugs were displayed and the new badge which depicts the Sussex flower The Round Headed Rampion also known as “The Pride of Sussex” was passed around. Orders were being taken by Ann Holloway the Secretary.

An invitation had been received from North Bersted Village WI for two of the Sidlesham members to attend their Christmas party.

Then Judy Wilson, the Treasurer, explained how the daughter of a previous member of the WI, had given her a copy of a script her Mother had written for a drama group in Sidlesham that was performed in 1964. Some of the long standing members remembered the lady and even taking part in the performance. Black and white photos were shared and the script was given to Mary Coales for the archives.

With Remembrance Day still fresh in people’s minds Gloria Jupp addressed the meeting on being chosen to be one of the 10,000 members of the public to march past the Cenotaph in London on 11th November. She explained that on her ballot paper, applying for such an honour, she wrote about her Grandfather who was killed on 23rd March 1918 in the First World War. This was obviously a very special day for her and her granddaughter who attended with her. “A day I will never, ever forget”, she said praising the great organisation and security at the event. “It was lovely, everyone had such interesting stories to tell as to why they were there.” A once in a lifetime experience which ended that evening when Gloria attended a church service, near Worthing, with her family. Gloria said that the bells of the church and the walk to the village green to light a beacon “were very moving”.

The business of the Annual Meeting followed with the Financial Statement, Budget for 2019 and Secretarys' Annual Report all being adopted. The Committee were thanked for all their hard work in 2018 and were put forward for next year with no changes as no new nominations had been received. A vote was then taken to appoint the President and Sue Piner was re-elected. Having outlined all the exciting events that this busy and enjoyable year had held Sue said that “Sidlesham WI continues to be successful due to its loyal members.”

The next meeting of Sidlesham WI is on
12th December when the Christmas Party includes entertainment by The Ladies Barbershop Quartet CATRA.

Kim Hopkinson

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon Englands' mountains green ?
And was the Holy Lamb of God
On Englands' pleasant pastures seen ?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills ?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark Satanic mills ?

Bring me my bow of burning gold !
Bring me my arrows of desire !
Bring me my spear ! Oh clouds unfold !
Bring me my chariot of fire !

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem
In Englands' green and pleasant land.